we-do-it-all-for-you scripts

Download this shell script / power shell script / … , which does all the dirty work:

  • download all required libraries
  • do the complete configuration
  • make

Nice :-)

… if it really works this way.

Often the downloaded libraries are newer than the original ones and not compatible. Or the build computer lacks a needed tool.

Or, one wishes to use a new version of library X or module Y.

You can try to change the magic does-it-all script, or try to do some steps manually.

Sometimes you give up after hours of work.

Solution ?

Perhaps a compromise. We should describe it step for step, so a later reader can understand the idea behind. Ok, a well-written script may be easier, but if the single steps are carefully described, every later user shall be able to compensate for changes in versions, download paths or else.